Gabby goes belly up


Gabriel Francois

has filed for bankruptcy. The 43-year-old grifter pleaded guilty to one count of theft by swindle in November, 2004 and is currently serving a 37-month sentence. (See

"Gabriel Francois Has a Bridge in Bloomington to Sell You"


"Gabby Goes Down"


For years the Eritrea native had managed to scam unwitting business partners out of money. According to court documents, he has operated under at least 16 different business names and has been the subject of nearly 200 lawsuits in Hennepin County alone.

The chapter seven bankruptcy petition, filed jointly with his wife, Lom, claims that the couple has debts of between $1 million and $10 million, while their assets total less than $500,000. The largest single debt is $208,494 owed to the Internal Revenue Service. There are a total of 96 creditors listed, ranging from $219 owed to Banfield Pet Hospital to $200,899 owed to a former business associate named Mohamed Arab.

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