Funeral tonight for Hennepin Ave. bike lane


Feel the urge to attend a funeral for a bike lane? Who doesn't? Twin Cities cyclists are coming together tonight to remember the Hennepin Avenue bike lane through downtown that soon will be no more.

The city is starting construction this weekend to remake Hennepin and 1st Avenues in downtown as two-way roads. Bike lanes will be added on the sides of the road instead.

If this is one of those "thank God you died" funerals, we'd be happy to join in. We hate these bike lanes that have put us in dangerous situations with cars and buses more than once.

More info below. (via)

Hennepin Avenue Bike Lane Funeral

Thursday, August 6, 2009

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Gateway Park, Hennepin Avenue at 2nd Street N

More details:

"We're about to say good-bye to the Hennepin Avenue Bike Lanes as we know them. Minneapolis Public Works will be sealcoating the roadway to obliterate the old pavement markings this Friday or Saturday. While temporary pavement markings will delineate the lanes until October, this is the beginning of the end my friends, to those old stalwarts on the Hennepin Avenue pavement.

We'll start with a eulogy/service at Gateway Park, then we'll have a slow procession on bicycles down Hennepin Avenue (bring a headlight, please). Afterward, we'll have a happy/sad/indifferent hour at Mackenzie's (918 Hennepin). Bring a story or something to say about the bike lanes. You love 'em, you hate 'em, or maybe you just want to attend a funeral for an inanimate object. All are welcome."

Organizers are asking you to RSVP here.

Hennepin and First Avenues will be seal-coated this weekend and then the same lane markers will be placed on the road until it is reconfigured later this year. Either way, it's the beginning of the end of the Hennepin bike lanes.

Wondering why we won't miss this bike lane system? This site sums up some of it's biggest issues. We have to admit the lanes make for speedy travel if you hit it at the right time and avoid vehicle traffic rush hours.

Still, we'll be crying tears of joy.