FSN Pulls the Plug on the Fox Sports North Girls, Ending Meaningless Eye Candy Concept

Say goodbye to Angie, Kendall, and Jennifer

Say goodbye to Angie, Kendall, and Jennifer

By now Minnesota sports fans are well acquainted with the cute, young, perpetually smiling mugs of the Fox Sports North Girls.

They were the babes welcoming viewers back from commercial break: "You are now watching Fox Sports North," they said, striking a pose for caveman viewers who lust for a little sex appeal in between the beer commercials and slow-motion replays.

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Other than those ubiquitous plugs, we're not quite sure what other purpose they served. They hosted viewing parties at sports bars, took a lot of photos with fans, and...?

Yesterday, FSN confirmed it has pulled the plug on the Fox Sports North Girls. Though the channel declined to comment on the matter, it did offer a series of empty corporate buzzwords designed to suffice as an explanation:

FOX Sports is constantly evaluating our marketing programs in an effort to keep them fresh and provide the most engaging experience for our viewers. As a result, we have decided to end the FOX Sports Girls program to focus on other projects that serve our fans.

Left unmentioned was that the concept was insulting to women, reaffirming the Mad Men-era patriarchy that still dominates sports media.

Men still hold the vast majority of the reporting, writing, and analysis jobs in the industry. The Fox Sports North Girls job allowed young women a chance to get some high-profile experience -- if they were hot enough, and please just read what's on the cue cards, would you honey?

FSN does employ Marney Gellner and Jamie Hersch, two female on-camera personalities who are allowed to use their brains. Hopefully the resources saved in killing the Fox Sports North Girls go toward creating more opportunities for talent like that.

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