From sublime to nasty, it's The Best Of The Twit Cities

​There's plenty of data showing that Democrats and Republicans increasingly only read and view online news and information that conforms to their world view. But even though their supporters have blinkers on, politicians can't dodge classic "foot-in-mouth" moments or shield themselves from very public attacks -- especially on social networks. To celebrate such moments of sublime candor, we bring you The Best Of The Twit Cities, wherein we periodically wade into the local stew of political social networking to help you see what's cooking.

Nasty, nastier, nastiest comment: Michele Bachmann's Facebook page
"Surely Jesus would have wanted the illegals to get dumped out of hospitals, imprisoned and deported. It was in the New Testament, wasn't it? Something about making sure you never feed or clothe the poor, having no compassion, and doing whatever it takes to greedily save money. Wasn't that in the Bible too? Something about it being easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for an illegal to be treated as the human being that he or she is. Michele Bachmann (and her moron followers) would make Jesus throw up in his mouth." -- Daniel Vergara, after the congresswoman posted this on Town Hall

Most needlessly personal update: Betsy Hodges
The Ward 13 councilwoman updated her Facebook status recently with this nugget: "If you're tempted to sautee some chard in a wee bit of olive oil, garlic, and tamari, then fill a pita with it and some smoked turkey (and a little mayo and pepper) -- I say go for it. It's fantastic!"

Best "it's not a waste of time" example: Laura Brod
The Humphrey Institute did a content analysis of New Prague Republican Rep. Laura Brod's Twitter updates and found that the potential gubernatorial candidate "spent a plurality of her time on Twitter discussing substantive policy issues (as substantive as one can get, that is, in 140 characters or less), with 142 of her 307 tweets falling into this category (46.3 percent). Taxes were the most common policy issue about which Brod tweeted, with 49 posts on that subject."

Most self indulgent: Laura Brod
"Pres says "let me raise a broader point". . . I say, let ME raise a Brod-er point" OK, that was admittedly lame : )" on Twitter.

Boring boring boring: NotAlFranken
"Watch LIVE & Discuss: Committee Vote on Judge Sotomayor's Nomination to the Supreme Court ... Watch LIVE & Discuss: Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings Continue ... Watch LIVE & Discuss: Sotomayor Hearing Resumes ... Watch LIVE & Discuss: Senator Franken questioning Judge Sotomayor ... Watch LIVE & Discuss ... Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings ... Watch LIVE & Discuss: Sotomayor's confirmation hearing continues ... Watch LIVE & Discuss: Sonia Sotomayor confirmation hearings continue ... and continue ... and continue.

Dead end of the moment:
It's not as if Minnesota Republicans don't have a social networking presence. They have official and unofficial pages on Facebook and Twitter, a channel on YouTube, and a robust network of sympathetic bloggers. They have Michael Brodkorb, for goodness sakes. The guy knows his way around a hyperlink. So how come, from their homepage, the links on the "GOP Networks" widget all take me too the generic homepages for Delicious, Digg, Facebook, Flickr, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Twitter and YouTube? You'd think they'd want to gives folks a direct link to cries of "socialism" and birther rants.