Friday the 13th: What's in store for Minnesota?


This miserable weather should be expected on the ultimate day of gloom. That's right, it's Friday the 13th - did you remember to turn off your toaster before you left for work?

What does the bad-luck day hold in store for Minnesota's paraskevidekatriaphobiacs? Here's some possibilities. Remember to knock on wood and turn around three times after you read each one.

  1. Cars actually figure out how to park on First Ave. Creepy! 9. Hot Dish inexplicably goes cold. 8. Brett Favre injures arm; Vikings lose to Lions. 7. Garrison Keillor admits he's really from Seattle. 6. Macy's announces they're pulling out of their downtown MPLS location; space to be replaced with a TJ Maxx. 5. Joe Mauer spotted shopping for Manhattan condos. 4. Target Stadium's flush test overloads the city's sewer system, backing up toilets city-wide. 3. Jesse Ventura hosts new show about conspiracy theories! 2. New 35W bridge fall down go boom. 1. Forecast calls for snow.