Friday morning news cruise

Sending messages; the Bushes and the Schiavos; the apostasy of Dick Day

In the Strib: Following the lead of the WashPost story we linked yesterday, Chuck Haga offers a new way to misunderstand the story of Jeff Weise: Prozac; T-Paw to attend three Red Lake funerals (message: he cares); more students charging their education on credit cards; and conduct unbecoming a Republican: Dick Day wants to tax Red McCombs's profit on the sale of the Vikings! 

In the Pi-Press: Patrick Sweeney reports that gambling is the issue that's had the most lobbying money thrown at it this year. (PS: Here's an active version of the campaign finance report link mentioned in the story; once again, great webmastering at the Pi-Press.) 

Other dailies: Terri Schiavo has been very good to Jeb Bush (NYT); Native American groups are mad at George W. Bush for the gulf between his silence about the Red Lake shootings and his sanctimony about Schiavo (message: he doesn't care) (WashPost); and how the hell does the Washington Post kick the Strib's ass on summing up Red Lake?      

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