Friday 3/18 news cruise


In the Strib: Pawlenty announces plan to import European as well as Canadian pharmaceuticals; state to proceed with quarter-billion-dollar 35W/Crosstown 62 highway reconstruction project in '06; assault charges dropped against naked Minneapolis man who had his unit chawed by an MPD K-9 officer in December; 2,000 more Minnesota National Guard troops to be called to Iraq

In the Pi-Press: Eagan joins Minneapolis in a noise-abatement lawsuit against the Metropolitan Airport Commission.

Other dailies: The Senate flouts Bush on his Medicaid cuts (NYT); George F. Kennan, author of the 1946 Long Telegram and the 1947 Mr. X article that laid out the theory of Soviet "containment" and provided the theoretical underpinnings for the Cold War, has died at 101 (LAT); the circus continues over poor insensate Terry Schiavo, who is due to have her feeding tube removed today (Chicago Trib).

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