Frenchman Adrien Massy splits ahead of sex charges at kids' camp

When you sign your kids up for language camp, you don't expect them to be taught the finer points of posing nude in the shower for a perv with a camera, or hear about them getting felt up through their pajamas.

But the the Beltrami County sheriff says that may indeed be what happened between Frenchman and teacher Adrien Massey and some kids at the Concordia Language Village in Bemidji. He was fired in May when the allegations surfaced -- and he promptly split the country.

Massy, 29, was last seen in June somewhere in Iceland. Authorities in Minnesota want him back. He was charged with second-degree criminal sexual conduct, and fled before Minnesota authorities could warn Immigration and Customs Enforcement not to let him leave.

Via the Strib:

On June 10, a 10-year-old boy told investigators that Massy touched him on the genitals through his pajamas while he was at the camp, the warrant said. The boy also said he saw Massy "pretend to take pictures" of another boy in the shower. The boy said Massy claimed the camera wasn't turned on.

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