French Meadow buys CC Club parking lot, but owner Lynn Gordon says bar isn't closing

The French Meadow's Lynn Gordon said that even if she bought the CC, she wouldn't change a thing.
The French Meadow's Lynn Gordon said that even if she bought the CC, she wouldn't change a thing.

In late November, a rumor began circulating that the legendary CC Club was being sold to the neighboring French Meadow and would be shutting its doors shortly thereafter.

Linda Rauen, one of the three co-owners of the CC, quickly refuted that speculation, but rumors of the bar's demise didn't go away. In fact, they were further heightened over the past couple weeks when lawyers and appraisers were spotted inside the CC on what looked to be more than a drinking outing. Employees began talking about a sale figure north of $2 million, a January closing date, and finding new jobs elsewhere.

Though there was a sale of sorts in the works, Lynn Gordon, owner of the French Meadow, told City Pages over the weekend that CC employees have nothing to worry about.

The French Meadow is forging ahead with a remodeling project that will covert the restaurant's old baking area into 80 additional seats. As a result, Gordon decided to buy the parking lot on the south side of the restaurant that the Meadow used to lease from the CC. That deal was finalized late last week and necessitated the presence of lawyers and appraisers at the bar, but it doesn't necessarily mean Gordon has interest in buying her Lyndale and 26th neighbor, she said.

"It was inevitable that we'd someday have to buy that [parking] lot, and it seemed like an appropriate time to do so," Gordon said.

Asked directly whether the rumored deal to buy the bar itself is indeed in the works, Gordon said she "really can't comment."

"What [the CC owners' intentions are] I don't know, but I'm very content to have my parking lot... if it were ever to happen that we were forced [to buy it] or whatever I can't imagine we would change a thing. The CC Club just is what it is."

"Any interest I have in the CC is in their parking lot. I have interest in organic and natural foods," Gordon continued. "The closing of [the club], I know that's not true. [The CC's owners] intend to run it for a while -- it will not close."

The CC's owners "need to talk to their staff and reassure them," Gordon added, reiterating that if she was to buy the bar, "it would stay just as it is. I have no desire to change anything or be a part of it. It does very well without us."

Reached for comment last week, Rauen reiterated that she, at least, has no intention of selling. The other two owners of the CC Club couldn't be reached over the weekend.

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