Freeborn County Fair worker gives birth in bathroom near the Cattle Barn

The bathroom where the childbirth occurred.
The bathroom where the childbirth occurred.

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In a scene that gives a whole new meaning to "live birth exhibit," a carnival employee gave birth to a baby boy on Tuesday evening at the Freeborn County Fair.

According to the Albert Lea Tribune, the birth occurred around 6 p.m. in a bathroom near the fair's Cattle Barn.

Both mother and father are employees of Merrian's Midway Shows. They spent Sunday night in working in Redwood Falls, then traveled to Albert Lea.

Merrian's owner Dale Merriam told the Tribune that the mom worked into the morning the day she gave birth. "She finished up well after midnight," he said.

Fair management say they had no idea one of the carnival workers was very, very pregnant.

Mike Woitas, the fair's entertainment director, told KIMT TV: "[Somebody] called and said, 'Mike we need you come up to the bathroom, there's a birth taking place' and I kind of got caught off guard. And by the time I got up there, I realized yes, it was an emergency and the lady was having a baby in one of our restrooms."

The mom and her baby boy were taken to Mayo Clinic Health Systems in Albert Lea and are apparently doing fine.

Merriam said he's accepting donations to help the parents and their baby with supplies and clothing.

"I'm sure she has none of that stuff," he told the Tribune.

Fair manager Norm Fredin said that to the best of his knowledge, Tuesday evening was the first time a baby was born at the Freeborn County Fair.

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