Free Minneapolis WiFi complete [Map]

Sounds good on paper, anyway.

Sounds good on paper, anyway.

There are now 117 free WiFi hotspots around Minneapolis, the final phase of the "Wireless Minneapolis" program the city launched in 2006 with USI Wireless. Look for signs reading, "Free Minneapolis Wireless Hotspot: Courtesy: City of Minneapolis and USI Wireless."

The free hotspots are different from, and and extension of the $19.95 per month citywide WiFi service. And even though it's free, you still need to register, with a credit card number, to participate.

And don't bother freeloading from couch potato heaven. The system wasn't designed for that.

USI Wireless CEO Joe Caldwell told the Strib:

How far the signal will reach varies, but it won't work well through Sheetrock or windows. Leaves can also reduce the strength of the signal, as can multiple signals from other wireless networks in an area. That said, "you don't have to, like, be underneath it wearing an aluminum foil hat," Caldwell joked.

Below is a simple map of the hotspot locations. A bigger, better map can be downloaded by clicking here.