Free kitty summer house guests: Humane Society looking for foster homes


Interested in adding a temporary feline friend to your home for the summer? They won't even break the bank.

As the Animal Humane Society sees a large influx of kittens during the summer months, they put out a call for people interested in taking in an adult cat until they are more likely to be adopted. More kittens means less adult cats find homes, but they sure love summer adventures with foster parents.

The shelter provides the basics, you just provide the home for the cat to lounge for six months.

The Animal Humane Society receives more than 2,000 cats a month starting in early summer, but the thousands of kittens leave many adult cats stuck in cages without a home.

More from the Humane Society:

The mission is simple: Become a Mission Meow foster volunteer. Take an adult feline houseguest into your home this summer and bring him/her back at a time when they have a better chance of being adopted.

Foster periods run for six months with starts dates throughout the summer months. Cats will be returned to Animal Humane Society at a time when customers historically consider adopting an adult cat and when we have fewer kittens. Each cat is vaccinated, de-wormed, spayed/neutered and microchipped prior to joining your family.

We'll provide the food, toys, litter and litter box--all you provide is the love. Participants are issued a Mission Meow identification card that can be used for picking up food or litter refills at any of our five locations during the foster period. The cost to care for your cat will be little to none.

For more information about Mission: Meow, check out the AHS site. They also have a FAQ section.

This sounds like a great way for people possibly interested in adopting a pet to give it a trial run before committing to anything long term. It's just six months and all of the costs are taken care of.