Franson: Still a Dick

Dick Franson, the longer-than-long-shot DFL candidate for Senator, is at it again, throwing around faxed press releases like Zeus frying the peasants with lightning bolts of wisdom. First he took his Senatorial race competition to task by demanding they undergo drug tests. Brzap! Then, when we had the audacity to question his actions, he called us anti-veteran. Ka-zang!

Now, he's set his electric wit against DFL Education Foundation, an organization that apparently "failed" to invite him to their round table discussion of the involvement of the DFL in Vietnam War politics.

"Thanks for not inviting me to sit on the Round Table Discussions," he wrote in a faxed open letter to the group and one of their organizers, former Minneapolis mayor Don Fraser. "In 1968 I was a member of the DFL State Central Committee and Chairman of Democratic Committee organized to censure U.S. Senator Eugene McCarthy for being 'soft' on communism."

A brief history lesson: Eugene McCarthy had the distinction in 1968 as the only Democrat running for President on an anti-war platform.

So let's recap - Dick "Little Engine That Can't" Franson once led an organization to censure the only politician brave enough to speak out against the foolishness of the anti-Communist movement and the cluster-fuck that was the Vietnam War. Now he's throwing a hissy because he's not being properly recognized for his "accomplishments."

Sorry, Mr. Franson - this one fizzled on the ground.