Frankie MacDonald predicts "major snowstorm" for Minnesota [VIDEO]


Good morning, Minnesota. It's going to snow here today.

But you would've known that on Monday if you were paying attention to Frankie MacDonald, the most wonderful weather forecaster we've got on this planet.

MacDonald, a self-made internet phenomenon from Nova Scotia, Canada, who is on the autism spectrum, predicted our "major snowstorm" a couple days ago, saying the Twin Cities and southern parts of the state were looking at 8 to 12 inches of powder.

Fittingly, MacDonald is, himself, getting whipped with snow as he warns Minnesotans of the potential for high winds and huge drifts.

Admittedly, he's got a little trouble with the pronunciation of "Minneapolis," but hey, you'd screw up trying to say Tatamagouche if you tried. 

And the storm might be tracking a little southward, according to the latest from the Star Tribune. Now, the Twin Cities area might only get hit with "up to 6 inches." MPR's Paul Huttner took a look last night and said the Twin Cities might be a "near-miss," and put it at 50-50 that the metro gets any accumulating snow at all. 

Both still agree that southern and southeastern Minnesota will get dumped on; the Star Tribune says to expect as much as a foot. Meaning, Frankie's Monday prediction still looks pretty good on Wednesday morning.

Besides, Frankie's not just giving you the numbers. He's bringing solid advice. Roads will be treacherous, with low visibility and a high chance of slippery conditions, particularly on the interstate. Stay off them if you can. Otherwise, take precautions.

"People of Minnesota," he says, "be prepared. Have your winter boots ready, winter jackets ready, hats, gloves, scarves, ski pants ready."

Then Frankie moves on to the more important stuff.

"Order pizzas and order Chinese food," Frankie says. "Buy cases of Pepsi, buy cases of Coke. Do your grocery shopping, don't wait 'til the last minute. Do it right now!"

Why were you ever getting your weather news any other way?