Franken's team to ask judges to partially dismiss Coleman's case


Norm Coleman's team might be done with their part of the trial, but it's quite hard to tell the difference. Al Franken's team continued their arguments Wednesday in similar fashion to Coleman: one by one, disenfranchised voters took the stand asking to have their vote counted.

We thought Franken was convinced this election was fair?

Well, he does. His lawyers say the small handful of votes they would like to have counted represent such a small part of the state's voters during an election that largely went as planned.

From the Star Tribune:

"The fact that we can find these isolated incidents here and there where a county election official made a mistake, in fact shows that in the vast majority of cases, out of 2.9 million ballots, how few mistakes there were," Franken attorney Marc Elias said.
Franken's team also plans to ask the three-judge panel to partially dismiss Coleman's case.

Franken attorney Marc Elias wouldn't specify what they hope to have dismissed, but it would only be "portions" of the case, says the Pioneer Press.

How does Coleman's team fight back? They say Franken's team is a bunch of tree haters. Good one!

"(It's) the traditional lawyer pawing of the ground and snorting of breath and we'd be disappointed if our good friends in the Franken campaign didn't follow the shopworn ritual amongst lawyers. So it's bad for those who love trees and good for those who bill by the hour," said Coleman attorney and spokesman Ben Ginsberg.
In other court news, even the journalists can't stay awake during this trial. Is the end in sight?