Franken's serious: Coleman's lovey dovey came too late

Franken's serious: Coleman's lovey dovey came too late

Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken's campaign released a statement this afternoon in response to Sen. Norm Coleman's announcement that he plans to pull all of his negative ads. There's no suggestion that Franken will do that same and his campaign doesn't think voters will fall for it.

Franken's release after the jump.

Andy Barr, Franken's Communications Director:

"From the start, our campaign has focused on the change Minnesota needs. And we will continue to focus on our competing views of how our country has gone in the wrong direction, how we can curb the influence of special interests in Washington, and how we can get out of the tough economic situation we're now in.

"Given that this week's polls are clearly showing that Minnesotans are sick of Norm Coleman's campaign of character assassination, today's stunt rings as a cynical ploy designed to change the subject and avoid scrutiny of his own record. It's like an arsonist burning down every house in the village and then asking to be named fire chief.

"It's worth noting that even in his own statement, Norm Coleman makes it clear that he intends to continue attacking Al Franken. But we are proud of the campaign we've run, and we will remain focused on talking about the issues that matter to Minnesota and the change Al Franken wants to bring to Washington."

Never underestimate Americans. And that Wyatt kid is pretty dang cute. We just can't stop watching this ad.

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