Franken's absentee ballot video a new low, Republicans say

Yesterday we reported Al Franken's new video that highlights some of the wrongly rejected absentee ballots in the state. 

The Republicans were quick to criticize Franken's campaign and their new ploy to sway the state Canvassing Board. The board will take up the issue of rejected absentee ballots Friday to determine if any will be counted in the final tally. 

Republicans called Franken's video a "new low," according to the Star Tribune. While the issue of rejected absentee ballots originally seemed like a pathetic ploy for a couple extra votes, new reports show there could be more than we think. 
In case you are lost in the mess of the recount, the Pioneer Press opinion page has a nice roundup of the play-by-play. We agree: Can someone just win already?

The Pioneer Press is also reporting that at least 358 Minnesotans did everything correct on their absentee ballot, but their vote still wasn't counted. Including these votes could tip the election. 

According to a Pioneer Press analysis of information from 12 counties, which have made progress in sorting their absentees and told the newspaper their results, 358 absentee ballots were improperly rejected out of 2,216. That's a wrongful rejection rate of 16 percent. 
If there were 12,000 rejected absentee ballots statewide and 16 percent were improperly rejected, that would mean about 2,000 ballots should have been counted on Election Day but weren't.