Franken will likely gain 25 votes from today's court ruling

During Norm Coleman's election contest, Al Franken might have something to celebrate. The three-judge panel in Minnesota's U.S. Senate election trial ordered that 24 absentee ballots will be opened and counted in the final vote tally. Another ballot will be checked and potentially counted in the race. 

How do we know these unopened absentee ballots are Franken ballots?
More from the Pioneer Press:
The order signals the first time the judges have identified specific ballots to be opened and counted. 
These ballots in particular came from a suit filed by Franken voters to have their votes counted. That suit was folded into the case Coleman brought to overturn Franken's lead. 
Both Coleman and Franken attorneys applauded the decision because both have claimed there are more valid absentee ballots to be counted into the Senate race than have yet been tallied.
In other Franken news, the wanna-be senator headed to Washington, D.C. today to continue preparing for what he believes is an inevitable seating down the road. He's got to join the cool club before it's too late to fit in. 

Here is what Franken spokeswoman Jess McIntosh told the PiPress:
"He'll be meeting with senate staff members, leaders with the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, and former Hill staffers (including Senator Wellstone's former Senior Policy Advisor) who are currently working in areas of Al's particular interest, particularly the economy and energy issues," McIntosh said in an email. 
He will return from D.C. on Thursday.