Franken wants to delay vote certification, count every ballot


Image by Dan Corrigan for City Pages

First everyone wanted this Senate recount to be over as fast as possible. Now the Al Franken and Norm Coleman campaigns are bringing out the big guns to make this race drag right through our treasured holiday season.

In the latest stalling effort, Franken filed a brief with the five-person board Monday, saying that the certification of the vote total should be delayed until all absentee voter problems are resolved, according to Roll Call.

More from Roll Call:

“We would ask them to not certify the vote count,” Marc Elias, a Democratic election lawyer working for Franken, said in a news conference Monday.

In the news conference Monday, Elias described the difficulty four registered voters had in casting absentee ballots. He said the four are a “representative sample” of the problems dozens of voters faced across the state, and because they had trouble, any official count that the state makes Tuesday will be inaccurate because dozens of voters were prevented from voting.

“I don’t think they have a vote count to certify,” Elias said.


The board is expected to certify results tomorrow and start the recount Wednesday.

Franken's campaign had four examples of absentee problems, which they claim is a "representative sample" of other voters in the state. We're not quite sure why these issues can't be resolved during the actual recount. If the start of the recount is delayed, this could go well beyond our patience with this race.