Franken wants Coleman to come clean about lawsuit allegations


We're watching bullies on the playground once again.

Al Franken's Senate campaign released a statement today asking Sen. Norm Coleman to answer questions about the lawsuit that alleges he received $75,000 from a good friend through his wife's employer. The campaign did not address Coleman's statement that tried to connect Franken and Democrats to the lawsuit.

Coleman denies all of the allegations associated with him in the lawsuit and called it a last-ditch political smear.

Franken Spokeswoman Colleen Murray:

"This is a lawsuit brought by the CEO of a Texas company alleging serious wrongdoing on the part of one of Norm Coleman's biggest donors to financially benefit Coleman. The first we heard of this was when Norm Coleman refused to answer questions about it when asked by reporters in St. Cloud. Norm Coleman can try to deflect attention, but the fact remains: these are serious sworn allegations, and he needs to answer questions about them before the election."

Here is how Coleman tried to associate Franken with the lawsuit in his statement earlier today:

Instead of focusing on the issues, my opponent and his political allies want to divert attention away from this campaign with a false and malicious political attack against my wife.

The irony? Lawsuit plaintiff Paul McKim is a Republican, according to MinnPost. And seriously, what Republican would help Franken win?