Franken talks about his smokin' hot aides


No idea how we missed this when it was originally posted, but someone noticed that Sen. Al Franken has some smokin' aides hanging out behind him during hearings. We'd have to agree with the Buzzfeed post, which read: "One of the perks of being Senator of Minnesota is that you get to surround yourself with attractive women. I think it's in the state constitution or something."

Franken appeared on FM 107.1's Ian and Margery Wednesday, where he was asked about his hot aides. We're impressed he played along so well and didn't make us question what kind of fun might happen when the committee hearings are over.

UPDATE: Franken's office called to correct us. Apparently one of the two ladies originally featured in the BuzzFeed photo is not employed in their office. We still think this lady is hot enough to carry story. To hear the interview audio, you can find it here or download it here (MP3). Franken's interview is in the second half of the first hour.

Here is the back-and-forth during the interview regarding hottie aides:

Ian Punnet (IP): ... (do you have any) comments on having the hottest aides in Washington Senator Franken?

Senator Franken (SF): I have a great staff, and many of the men on the staff are very good looking.

Margery Punnet (MP): ... that's par for the course in Washington. It is the land of good looking young people.

SF: I'm 58 and most of my staff does look better than me.

IP: Maybe that's part of it? In the photos they're standing next to you?

SF: Yes, the contrast. Usually they are behind me so they also get the benefit of a soft focus.