Franken takes the recount to court


Now it's Al Franken's turn to get the recount caught up in court battles. Today he announced that he filed a lawsuit in Ramsey County District Court to get access to data on the voters who had their absentee votes rejected, according to the Associated Press.

More from the AP:

It's not clear that ballots found to be improperly rejected could wind up in the recount. Franken lawyer Marc Elias thinks the state canvassing board could rule them eligible.

But Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has said a voter or a campaign would have to go to court for such a remedy.

Coleman is currently ahead by 206 votes and the official recount starts next week.

The Star Tribune finally has some details up:

Mark Elias, lead recount attorney for the Franken campaign, said that both Ramsey and Hennepin counties had already rejected its request, forcing the campaign to take legal action.

Elias said the campaign has already learned of one woman, an 84-year-old Beltrami County stroke victim, whose absentee ballot was disqualified because her signature no longer matched that on her pre-stroke voter registration card.

Elias said the Franken campaign alone will deploy 1,250 lawyers across the state as part of its recount effort. He did not say whether the campaign was planning a court strategy, but Ritchie has already said that the issue of disqualified ballots could be resolved only in court.

If Franken won the suit, it could mean both campaigns would call the absentee voters individually to figure out their situation. Poor voters getting caught up in this mess. Would Franken hang up if the person voted Coleman and wanted their vote counted?

Franken failed last week to get Hennepin County to include 461 rejected absentee ballots in its vote totals.