Franken spared the embarrassment of being rejected at the Capitol doors


We're quite glad Roland Burris of Illinois decided to take the epic fall today instead of Al Franken. Burris, President-elect Barack Obama's appointed successor, tried to enter the Capitol this morning for his first day of work, but was quickly turned away because he didn't have the proper credentials. 

Burris was appointed by embattled Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the Senate leadership has refused to seat him as the replacement for Barack Obama. Burris decided to be obnoxious and show up anyway. 

Let's just take a deep breath and remind ourselves it isn't Minnesota's day of embarrassment. There's no rush to get Franken in his seat. Let's at least try to do this right after all this time. 

Franken could have easily decided to head to Washington, since he claimed victory yesterday on the steps of his downtown home. We could have all hung our heads as he marched his way into the Capitol with a swarm of media close behind. Although he would have been likely greeted by some overly friendly Democrats, the Republicans would surely keep him at a distance and ensure he wouldn't get access due to his lack of official proof that he is a Minnesota senator. 

U.S. Senate drama at its best. We can't wait to see the media swarm when Franken actually does arrive. He'll feel right at home.