Franken says he is proud to be Minnesota's next senator

Al Franken met with reporters outside his Minneapolis home this afternoon shortly after the state Canvassing Board certified the recount tally with Franken's lead over Coleman at 225 votes. And Franken isn't hesitating to start calling himself a senator. Maybe we're still in shock, but the name doesn't fit quite yet.

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After the board certified the results, Franken made a brief statement outside his Minneapolis home, saying: "After 62 days of careful, painstaking hand inspections, I am proud to stand before you as your next senator."

He did not take questions and didn't say when he is going to Washington. He said the outcome was "incredibly humbling and not just because of the narrow margin." He reached out to those who voted for Coleman and Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley and said "I'm serving all the people of Minnesota now."

His win isn't official just yet. Coleman has a week to file an election contest and state officials can't sign the election certificate until those are resolved. We all love a little early celebration though, right?

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