Franken says he is on track to win Senate seat


Image by Dan Corrigan for City Pages

Al Franken released a statement today saying he is on track to win the race in the Senate seat recount. The state Canvassing Board met today and said Franken is currently ahead 50 votes. 

Read Franken's full statement below. 

"I'm glad to be ahead, and as it appears that we're on track to win, I want Minnesotans to know that I'm ready to get to work for them in Washington on Day One. We still need to ensure that Minnesotans whose absentee ballots were improperly rejected aren't disenfranchised, but we are close to the finish line. And we should all be proud of our state's electoral process, and grateful for the dedication of our public servants, from the state canvassing board down to elections officials at the local level."
Too soon to be kind-of-sort-of-a-little-bit declaring victory? He called out Coleman when he declared victory after Election Day. Maybe it's just a good time for everyone to keep their traps shut.