Franken pulling out all the stops in this recount


Al Franken's campaign for Senate seems to be the state's new election police these days and they are pulling out all the stops to make the recount "fair" in their favor. His campaign is now saying that votes were not verified correctly because counties didn't properly canvass the votes.

According to the Pioneer Press:

According to a Franken campaign brief submitted to the state canvassing board, "at least 49 of the 87 counties in the state in fact failed to canvass every precinct."

The campaign appears to be arguing that the panels in each county should have publicly scrutinized the results tape from each election machine. Instead, at least some relied on staff to pore over each tape and prepare a report, using the Secretary of State's computer system. Then the panels approved the massive reports.

The canvassing board is currently meeting to certify votes.

The Coleman campaign didn't waste time responding:

"In a last minute attempt to stop the recount, directly contradicting what they said yesterday, the Franken campaign has now clearly shown they will do anything and everything they can to turn this Minnesota recount into another Florida," said a statement from Coleman campaign manager Cullen Sheehan.

We are losing faith fast. Is there no such thing as trusting these election folks to do their jobs? It's unfortunate that Franken fell into the games Coleman started playing right after Election Day. What a mess.