Franken pleads for election certificate, found ballots pump up Coleman

Another semi-interesting day in the drama that is the election recount. Two different courtrooms heard cases today as Al Franken and Norm Coleman jockey for the upper hand. 

Franken had his day in front of the state Supreme Court, arguing that he should receive a provisional election certificate so he can be seated in the U.S. Senate while the election contest continues. Franken won the recount with 225 votes. 

Coleman's campaign got a little burst of excitement when an Anoka County election official told the three-judge panel that they found more than a dozen uncounted ballots while they were preparing for trial. Oops! Just totally slipped our mind.

The Supreme Court didn't indicate how or when it would rule on Franken's certificate request. 

More from the Pioneer Press:
"The election for Minnesota senator was held over three months ago. After a meticulous hand recount, the state canvassing board declared Al Franken the winner. ... Yet respondents, the governor and the secretary of state refuse to provide him the certificate to which he is entitled," Franken attorney Marc Elias told the justices. 
Without a certificate, it would be difficult or impossible for Franken to join the Senate. Ritchie, a Democrat, Pawlenty, a Republican, and Republican Norm Coleman, who sued last month to overturn Franken's 225-vote lead, all say state law bars a Senate candidate from receiving an election certificate when there is a contested election. And Minnesota's election is very much contested.
Coleman's team has something to smile about today after the Anoka County election official announced the discovery of more ballots. Why is just a dozen ballots so wonderful? Coleman can use it as evidence that our whole recount was a joke. You just find ballots in random folders with empty ballot envelopes? Yes, this doesn't sound sketchy at all. 

More from the PiPress:
Rachel Smith, the top elections official in Anoka County, dropped a minor bombshell Thursday in the courtroom where a lawsuit over Minnesota's U.S. Senate race was being heard. She testified that the county has found -- within the prior 24 hours -- a dozen or more ballots that were never counted in the statewide recount that ended last month. 
While the number is not enough to overcome Democrat Al Franken's 225-vote lead over former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman, it suggests there might be other uncounted ballots in other counties. Only a handful of elections officials have testified in the recount trial so far.
The Star Tribune also has a piece on geography and how it is playing a role in the cases of the two candidates. While both call for counting every valid vote, their list of ballots that should be added coincidentally match areas they are likely to gain votes. Sleazy.