Franken plays senator for the day


Al Franken has officially started to call himself a senator-elect. At least in his press releases.

Franken is now playing senator until he thinks he will officially take his seat in Washington. Today, he held the first in a series of roundtable discussions with Minnesota mayors to discuss the economic recovery plan. Sounds like a classic day for a senator.

Franken is currently ahead by 225 votes after the state Canvassing Board recount, but Norm Coleman is contesting those results. Franken does not have an election certificate and cannot be seated in the Senate until the contest is over. With hundreds of absentee ballots potentially left to be included, the seat still could be up for grabs.

Here is an excerpt from his press release:

Sen. - Elect Franken held the first in a series of roundtable discussions with Minnesota Mayors today in St. Paul. Franken and metro-area mayors discussed the economic realities facing their cities, budget cuts, President Obama's measures for economic stimulus, and how to grow Minnesota's economy.

Franken is holding the roundtable discussions in St. Paul, Duluth, and Rochester over the next two days to listen and learn about the economic challenges and choices faced around Minnesota. His goal is to learn what Minnesota's cities need most from Washington, and how to best work on their behalf to improve schools, rebuild infrastructure, and grow local economies.

CNN found his new title a little suspicious too. After the event, Franken was questioned about it.
Following the event at the first press conference he's held since the election, Franken said he personally does not insist people address him as Senator-elect, but said "technically" it was correct.

"I won the recount," Franken said. "You can call me Al."