Franken outraises Coleman, but both low on cash


Norm Coleman and Al Franken are raking in serious dough for their U.S. Senate seat fight, but they are in need of some big boosts to make it through the upcoming appeals. The Federal Elections Commission released fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2009 and Franken barely outraised Coleman.

Franken raked in $2.6 million since the beginning of the year, while Coleman brought in $2.3 million. Combined, they have spent about $11 million on the recount since November.

But who is going to keep funding their fight? Coleman has just $469,563 in cash on hand, while Franken has $483,731. That won't come close to cover another high profile case as Coleman continues his appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Coleman will also have to pay Franken's court fees and some of his legal expenses, which will add to his total tab.

So who will pay their legal bills through all of this as nearly two-thirds of Minnesotans want it to be over. At least Franken has some friends in high places. Do the names Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd ring a bell? His donor list is like a celeb treasure hunt.