Franken Not Satified with Uber's Non-Answers About Privacy Policy

Franken is still hammering Uber over its privacy policy

Franken is still hammering Uber over its privacy policy

Last month Sen. Al Franken took Uber to task over the tech giant's vague privacy policy, which was reportedly being abused by both employees and executives.

Franken used his position as chairman of a Senate subcommittee on privacy and technology to ask Uber a series of pointed questions, and yesterday he posted Uber's response, which answered none of them.

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"While I'm pleased that they replied to my letter, I am concerned about the surprising lack of detail in their response. Quite frankly, they did not answer many of the questions I posed directly to them," he wrote on his website today.

Uber's letter, written by one of the company's lawyers, explained and apologized for several embarrassing recent incidents in which the company was caught using its trove of data to threaten journalists. It also referred Franken to Uber's privacy policy to read it for himself, and assured him that its "God's View" tracking tool is only used by its operations and fraud prevention staff, contrary to prior reports.

Franken vowed to keep pressing for more answers, but his chairmanship of the technology committee will come to a close when Republicans take over the Senate next year. The second-term senator has also come after Lyft recently in attempt to learn more about its privacy policy.

"Part of what my work has been doing is letting consumers understand what's out there, so you know what you're signing up for when you do something like this and also letting the companies understand that they have some obligation to have a privacy policy and follow it," he said on an MSNBC interview that aired yesterday, in which he also endorsed Hilary Clinton for president.

Uber Response to Franken's Letter

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