Franken: "It's going to get resolved in my favor, and soon"


Al Franken spoke to Air America's Mark Green Friday about the ongoing recount, the stimulus package, and President Obama's future as a bipartisan president.

While he acknowledged the exhaustion associated with the drawn-out campaign, Franken says he expects it to end soon in his favor.

Oh, and he thinks Rachel Maddow could be the next Air America senator.

Listen to the full audio and read the transcript at Air America.

A snippet of the interview:

GREEN: We talked before air about an election night a few years back when I spent two hours in an emotional deep freeze not knowing whether I had won or lost a close and big race. So how have you handled a three month -- and counting -- emotional deep freeze?

FRANKEN: Well, Frannie and I Iook at each other at night, usually right before we go to bed, and go like: "How long is this gonna go on?" But, it really looks now that it's going to get resolved in my favor, and soon, and so I'm actually excited to get there. So that sort of overcomes the frustration of: "How long can this go on?"

I bet Frannie just loves talking about the recount while they are in bed together. Talk about a real turn on.

But we're over it. Up next: Maddow for Senate? For real?