Franken is new celebrity politician; What have we gotten ourselves into?

Now that Al Franken is ahead of Norm Coleman after the Senate recount, the country is proudly pointing and laughing. Ha! Minnesotans! Look what they got themselves into. They'll pay for it no doubt.

Well, all embarrassment aside, it will make for an interesting six years. But wait, even Illinois is laughing? Wait, really? 

Chicago Tribune warns us about "novelty politicians" and the destruction they can bring to lawmaking. And they don't waste time trying to rip on Minnesotans in general.

And with Franken, Minnesotans will once again have proved to the nation their willingness, even eagerness, to repudiate their image as sober, NPR-listening, book-reading, civic-minded bores. If we want to elect a former pro wrestler as governor, we will, you betcha. If we want to install "Saturday Night Live's" One-Man-Mobile-Uplink unit in the Senate, we'll do that too. It's a wonder Garrison Keillor isn't already in office. 
Most important, if the legal challenges end and Franken is finally seated in the Senate, America will have a new leading novelty politician, something we've missed since bellicose fellow Minnesotan Jesse Ventura put aside his passion for governance in favor of talk-show hosting.
So what do we have to look forward to?
They make charming "outsider" pronouncements, and they take office and refreshingly fail to comprehend or work within "the system." 
Still, there's a danger in novelty politicians. It's more than just--true fact--Hank Williams Jr. threatening to run for the Senate, or Ventura making noises about getting back into the non-wrestling ring. 
It's more than the idea, in Franken, of putting a guy who tried to rename a decade after himself into the highest legislative body, or the fact that he didn't even have the decency to run for Screen Actors Guild president first. It's a matter of people knowing their place.
Thanks Illinois. Yes, we all know you elected political God Barack Obama, but residents might want to hold their tongue when your governor is so corrupt. Thanks again.