Franken in the lead? Just kidding!


The Pioneer Press says it best: What Maplewood giveth, Minneapolis taketh away.

Minneapolis elections officials found one precinct that was 133 ballots short of election day totals, the PiPress says. What does this mean for Franken's recent jump in votes? He just lost 44 votes. Thank Minneapolis for that one.

Earlier this week, Ramsey County found some uncounted ballots, giving Franken 37 votes.

This afternoon, Franken's campaign claimed their independent numbers showed him with a 22-vote lead.

More from the PiPress:

Minneapolis elections director Cindy Reichert said she believes the error occurred when election judges at the precinct on election night mistakenly ran ballots with write-in candidates through a counting machine twice. There were 129 such ballots.

Reichert said although the numbers do not match exactly, she is confident that that's what happened and will report those numbers to the Secretary of State's Office. She also detailed a search for any potential missing envelopes that contain ballots, including opening the counting machine, talking to election judges and calling the church where the polling place was located.