Franken: I'm dead serious, studying hard for new job in Senate

The Associated Press scored an interview with our Senate-candidate-in-hiding Al Franken. There was a lot he missed out on when he, you know, wasn't in Minnesota. 

So what does he have to say? He's going to be Minnesota's next senator, he's not a funny many anymore and Norm Coleman's temp job with the Republican Jewish Coalition is probably permanent. Burn.

More from the AP:
"I admit to being frustrated at times," Franken said in an interview with The Associated Press. "But it's a little out of my control. What is in my control is to prepare so that when I get to the Senate, I'm ready to go on day one." 
He said attending the trial wouldn't be "the most productive use of my time" -- but admitted he sometimes tunes in to a live Webcast of the proceedings. "I might" check it out in person at some point, he said. 
Asked about Coleman's recent decision to take a temporary consulting gig with the Republican Jewish Coalition while the trial plays out, Franken would only say: "I think it may be a more permanent job." 
Franken said he's no longer much interested in being viewed as a comic. "This is a deadly serious job, it really is," he said. 
Asked how he might satirize the election limbo he's now trapped in, Franken said: "There's nothing funny about what's going on now."