Franken has 67 percent chance of winning reelection in 2014


Since the current recount and election contest for Minnesota' U.S. Senate seat, is, you know, so boring, it's time to look ahead to 2014. Picture it now: Franken wins the Senate seat officially months from now and serves out his six years as a straight-forward and uptight Democrat. He votes with the best of them, follows their talking points each week and holds back witty comments and jokes when they are sorely needed.

Along comes 2014. Will you reelect him? He's got a pretty good shot at winning his seat back, Smart Politics says.

Smart Politics looked back at other Senators who ran for reelection and found that the margin of victory didn't really help determine a candidate's chance of winning again. The blog looked at election outcomes of Minnesota U.S. Senators elected by competitive margins (less than 10 points) and those by less competitive margins (more than 10 points).

Read their full analysis here.

Their conclusion: If Franken eventually wins the Senate seat and chooses to run again, he would seem to have about a 67 percent chance of winning reelection.

We'll wait until he actually starts to show his true colors before we determine his chances of keeping people's interest. At this rate, most Minnesotans might have already had their fill of Franken by February.