Franken draws U.S. map from memory... and remembers Alaska and Hawaii!


Sen. Al Franken pulled out his familiar, but still impressive, trick at he Minnesota State Fair last week. Franken appeared on Minnesota Public Radio's Midday broadcast and took the time to impress fairgoers by doing a freehand drawing of the United States from memory.

The trick received international attention this time around, but this isn't Franken's first time proving his awesome geography skills. At least this time Franken wins because he actually included Alaska and Hawaii in his sketch.

Check out the videos below.

Here is Franken out at the fair:

This video, from a fundraising event in 2007, caused a little controversy earlier this year when Alaska Sen. Mark Begich realized they weren't included in his map. He wrote a letter to Franken about his concern.

And if you thought this was some really cheesy campaign shtick, you're wrong, Franken was doing this back in 1987. Bam.