Franken continues case for another day, gains more votes


Al Franken's legal team had planned to rest their case after a day of court proceedings Wednesday, but the heavy snow in northern Minnesota prevented them from doing so. One of their last witnesses was unable to make the trial due to the road and weather conditions.

But the campaign got some good news Wednesday: The three-judge panel said another 14 Franken votes should be counted. That means Franken has now picked up 47 votes since Coleman's suit started, says the Pioneer Press.

Franken currently holds a 225 vote lead over Coleman.

More from the Pioneer Press:
Those (47) votes are contained on still unopened absentee ballots. Most were cast by voters who filed their own lawsuits.

So far, the three judges hearing the case have not ordered opening and counting of any specific ballots Coleman has brought to court.

But the former senator's chief legal spokesman says he remains hopeful Coleman will find enough votes to overturn Franken's growing lead.

Coleman is currently asking the judges to count 1,359 absentee ballots. Coleman had originally requested that the court review all 11,000 absentee ballots.