Franken/Coleman weekend hoopla: nasty ads, bad headlines and children's books


What a weekend for the Senate race! We have so much to catch up on. All of the tricks are coming out of the closet and all we can do is sit back in amazement. Just eight more days and we can rest easy. And someone will be seriously bumming out.

The race is getting a lot, and we mean a lot, of national attention. Is it because we have a comedian running for public office? We think so. Gawker is pretty fascinated with the race and gave Franken some advice on how to pull this off:

Franken knows it's going to be a battle, recently using Hillary Clinton in a television ad, but it might be time to break out the big guns: reprising his Stuart Smalley persona in the campaign commercial to rule them all.

A new anti-Franken mailer is also getting national Gawker attention. The image above shows one of the pages of the mailer, created to resemble a children's book. Didn't you know we were points away from electing a pedophile into our Senate office? How could we be so silly to not realize! Keep your children away! He makes jokes!

See the full mailer here.

Franken's campaign is pretty pissed off. Former Vice President Walter Mondale, Rep. Keith Ellison, and State Auditor Rebecca Otto are holding a news conference this afternoon to condemn the new NRSC direct mail piece on behalf of Norm Coleman. We'll update later with their statements.

Here is a new list of things you might not know about Franken, according to the National Republican Senatorial Committee: He humiliates minorities, demeans women, writes pornography, makes child abuse a joke, laughs at the disabled.


Wow. They are pulling all the punches. What next?

Watch the new ad here:

Well on that note, what newspaper would want to endorse someone who hates minorities, the disabled and children? MinnPost is reporting that none of the state's dailies have endorsed Franken. The current stats: Coleman 6, Barkley 2, Franken 0.

This weekend was full of terrible headlines about the race too. We told newspapers to stop using these terrible puns!

Here are some examples:

A funny man gets serious (PiPress) Al Franken: From Comedian To Serious Contender (Washington Post) No Joke: Franken, Coleman Fight for Senate Seat (ABC News) Al Franken may face his toughest crowd in race for U.S. Senate (Chicago Tribune) Al Franken hopes to have the last laugh in Minnesota (LA Times)

Enough already!