Franken camp responds to Canvassing Board meeting

Al Franken's campaign responded to the state Canvassing Board's decision not to consider rejected absentee votes today. The Attorney General's office is expected to respond to the issue next week. For a recap, see our overview from earlier today. 

And Norm Coleman's camp said yesterday they wanted to quit the ballot-challenging game. Check out their responses below.
Franken's Lead Recount Attorney Marc Elias:
"We appreciate the Canvass Board taking the time to meet this morning and are encouraged by the broad consensus that there is a universe of Minnesota voters who have been improperly disenfranchised. We are obviously disappointed with the Board's decision. Members of the Board noted disenfranchisement would be the result, and most of them noted their own grave concerns about that consequence. 
"We are encouraged that the Board is going to have further deliberations next week, preventing at least some of the absentee voters from being disenfranchised, including those rejected for obvious errors. As we have said all along these votes will be counted, and based on today's meeting, I remain more confident than ever that that is true. Whether it is at the county level, before the Canvass Board, before the courts, or before the United States Senate, we don't know yet. But we remain confident these votes will be counted. The Board's consensus only strengthens our resolve."
Norm Coleman's attorney Fritz Knaak:
"It has become apparent that both campaigns are engaged in a mounting game of ballot challenging that serves no useful purpose. This is not the way the recount process was intended to work, and we are trying the patience and goodwill of election officials and volunteers throughout the state. While the Franken Campaign began this morning challenging 25 ballots in one Sherburne County precinct, the vast majority without merit, it's obvious that our campaign volunteers felt the need to match these growing and unnecessary challenges throughout the day. This is an artificial game which has virtually no bearing on the outcome of this recount as we know that the vast majority of these challenges will be rejected before we even get to the Canvassing Board on December 16th. With that in mind, in the spirit of the Holidays, and to give respect to this process that it deserves, we ask you to join us tomorrow morning in standing down in the game of ballot challenge one upsmanship."