Franken camp predicts a 35-50 vote win

Al Franken's campaign predictions of a win are nothing new, but for once they are slightly more believable. But with absentee votes still to count and an expected mess of court contests, no one should be claiming a victory just yet.

Franken's campaign says he will win by 35 to 50 votes after the Canvassing Board counts all disputed ballots Tuesday, Politico says

More from Politico:

"On Tuesday, I will stand before you with that work completed. Al Franken will have a lead of between 35 and 50 votes. And, at some point not too long after that, Al Franken will stand before you as the senator-elect from Minnesota," Elias said at a press conference Saturday.

Coleman's campaign fired back:

Coleman campaign spokesman Mark Drake issued the following response: "This is just more bluster and hot air from a campaign that has been trailing for two years. While we can understand their need to latch onto their temporary lead, the reality is there's a long way to go in this process. We have no doubt that once this recount is fully completed, Senator Coleman will be in the lead and will be reelected to the Senate."

Franken got some big press for his campaign statement. Check out coverage from FiveThirtyEight, Washington Post, and Minnesota Independent. 

The board will meet tomorrow to determine a winner in the race, the Star Tribune says.

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