Franken camp: Coleman is desperate, trying to halt recount

In response to Norm Coleman's suit filed this weekend at the state Supreme Court, Al Franken's campaign says this is just another attempt of a desperate candidate who knows he is falling behind. They say he is trying to stop the recount from going forward.

Coleman filed suit to have the state Supreme Court rule on which rejected absentee ballots can go in the "fifth pile" to be part of the file tally in the recount.

More from the Huffington Post:

In a conference call with reporters, Franken's chief counsel, Marc Elias, argued that the Minnesota Republican was going through incredible and "desperate" measures in order to stop the counting of ballots that had been deemed lawfully cast. 

"They are suing because they are behind," he said, noting that the Associated Press did an analysis this weekend in which they determined that Franken would likely win the election after all the challenged ballots were fettered out. "The numbers are what they are. And as I said Friday, desperate times call for desperate measures. What we see is a cynical and desperate attempt by the Coleman campaign to stop this train from moving." 

"In plain English what they asked the court was 'stop the counting'," said Elias, somewhat animated. "Let's call this what it is, the Coleman camp went to the highest court in the state to stop the counting."
It might seem like a desperate move, but is it fair for Coleman to ensure that the fifth pile is solidly defined before this recount is complete? Funny how both campaigns manage to make their opponents move sound "low" or "desperate" when they would probably do the same thing.