Franken camp asks for election certificate, says Coleman petition "riddled with errors"

Image by Dan Corrigan for City Pages

Al Franken's campaign said today they are asking Secretary of State Mark Ritchie and Gov. Tim Pawlenty to sign the election certificate and get Franken seated as soon as possible. 

Today is the one-week deadline for the two to sign the certificate, but they have said they are not able to sign the document until all election contests are resolved. View the letter (PDF) here.

Marc Elias, Franken's lead recount attorney, said they are not asking the state to end the contest, but to seat Franken before it is resolved. 

When asked when he hopes to have the certificate signed, Elias said "I'd like to see them do it today."  

Elias also said they have fully reviewed Coleman's election contest and it is flawed and "hopelessly vague". 

"It is riddled with errors that are fatal to much, if not all, of the claims in the petition," he said. He also called the campaign's arguments "hopelessly vague".

Franken's campaign will also file two documents in court today responding to Coleman's contest, pointing out what they believe to be false or already resolved issues from the recount. 

Elias also mentioned a lawsuit that will be filed later today by several dozen absentee voters who ultimately had their ballots rejected. The voters will be suing to get their votes counted in the tally. Elias made it clear they are not involved in the lawsuit, but support the voters for their right to have their votes counted. 

As these issues develop, we will keep you updated.