Franken: big bucks wanted


Image by Dan Corrigan for City Pages

Recounts, in addition to keeping journalists busy, ensures that candidates can keep raking in the big bucks. And conveniently, your "I maxed out my donations" excuse from the campaign season doesn't work anymore.

Al Franken is hosting a pricey fundraiser for his recount back in New York City with his buddy Al Gore. And you can give $12,300! Better pack the wheelbarrow.

According to the letter sent out by his campaign:

If you have already maxed to my campaign or are federally maxed this cycle, you can still contribute legally to the Franken Recount Fund--anyone can give up to $12,300 to our recount effort and the election cycle limits don't apply.

The dinner will be on Thursday and a seat costs a minimum of $1,000.

Here are the details:


1060 5th Ave (near 88th St.), New York City

6 pm Cocktail Reception--7 pm Dinner

RSVP to 415-699-9995 or [email protected]

Contributions to Franken Recount Fund will be allocated as follows: The first $2,300/$5,000 of a person's/multicandidate committee's donation will be designated to the recount fund of Al Franken for Senate. The next $10,000 of each donation from a person and the next $5,000 from a multicandidate committee will be allocated to the recount fund of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party. Any contributor may designate his or her donation for a particular participant. The allocation formula above may change if any con