Franken backs Republicans into corner on rape


Sen. Al Franken is giving Republican senators fits because he's making it look as though they don't care about victims of rape. 

He sponsored an amendment that would make it illegal for the Pentagon to do business with any company that requires employees to solve workplace conflicts -- including rape -- through arbitration.

Seems high-minded enough, yes? Not for the 30 senators who voted against the amendment. And according to Politico, liberal bloggers, videographers, radio hosts -- and legislators --  have been in their faces ever since.
"I think anyone who voted against that has some tough explaining to do," New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told Politico. "And I think particularly some incumbents already in a challenged position -- it can be very detrimental to them because women voters are going to look at that and wonder, 'Does this senator stand on my side?'" 

Here Up North, a certain well-known professor and pundit weighed in with a different point of view: 

"Franken's amendment may make sense for national Democrats in laying down lines of attack heading into the 2010 campaign -- but this is not what Franken needs to build a base in Minnesota," said Larry Jacobs, an expert in state politics at the University of Minnesota. "Being a poster boy of a hard-hitting campaign against the Republican Party is the opposite of what he needs in Minnesota."

Franken introduced the measure in early October