Franken attacked by biting baby

One of the job requirements of any elected representative is holding babies. Yes, it's trivial and annoying, but new parents couldn't be more thrilled to have someone semi-famous holding their little bundle of joy. Besides the crying, smelly diapers and potential for spit-up, these poor people have another hazard in their hands: babies who attack.

Maybe Al Franken learned his lesson when he let this seemingly innocent baby too close. Pretty soon his nose is being chewed on by some baby gums. We're not sure if this is disturbing, hilarious and completely horrifying.

Check out the set of photos here to see Franken's reaction. The baby was quickly forgiven and got one of those affectionate forehead kisses before Franken went back to pleasing other googly-eyed Minnesotans in the D.C.Reagan National Airport.

Photo courtesy of Outside the Beltway.