Franken and Klobuchar on PIPA protests: We heard your concerns

Though they aren't quite ready to admit PIPA was a bad idea, our senators are now open to "compromise."
Though they aren't quite ready to admit PIPA was a bad idea, our senators are now open to "compromise."

Yesterday's online blackouts protesting SOPA and PIPA haven't been ignored by Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar, both of whom are co-sponsors of PIPA.

Though both continue to support some form of legislation aimed at curbing foreign piracy, spokesmen for each said that the Senators are now interested in a "compromise."

All the other members of Minnesota's congressional indicated that they either oppose the proposed legislation or are at least leaning toward opposing it.

MinnPost quotes a Klobuchar spokesmen as saying the following:

[Sen. Klobuchar] believes we need to address concerns being raised today and work out a compromise that balances free exchange on the Internet with stopping foreign piracy that hurts our economy.

Striking a similar note, Franken's spokesman said:

Sen. Franken has heard the concerns that many Minnesotans have voiced over the past few days about the PROTECT IP Act, and he believes we need to reach a compromise that will both keep the Internet free and open and protect American jobs.

Come on senators! It makes sense that as co-sponsors of a wildly unpopular piece of legislation you're now trying to save face. But when each and every other member of your state's congressional delegation agrees that said legislation is a bad idea -- even including Michele Bachmann, who said last October that she has "serious concern about government getting involved in regulation of the internet" and doesn't like "the ambiguities in this legislation" -- then it's probably time to admit the whole thing was a bad idea from the beginning.

In any event, it's comforting to know that yesterday's unprecedented online protests weren't for naught.

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