Franken and Coleman recess fight round up

Franken and Coleman recess fight round up

It was a long weekend of more non-news from our stellar candidates for Senate. If you are like us, you try to avoid all political coverage during the weekend to give your mind a break from the name calling, mud slinging and utter ridiculousness that these candidates come up with. So we have a round up over everything you missed.

A former DFL state senator is supporting Coleman's reelection. Doug Johnson, who represented northern Minnesota, said this is the first Republican he has supported in 40 years.

Al Franken begged for cash from supporters. sent out a letter to its supporters Sunday pleading for money so that the Democratic candidates slaughter their opponents Nov. 4. Here is an excerpt:

It's not enough to merely win this election. We've got to win big.

Great—I can tell from your nodding head that you agree. Now, let's make it happen—by helping three champs win tight, crucial races: Jeff Merkley of Oregon, Larry Kissell of North Carolina, and, ahem, Al Franken of Minnesota.

I'm not asking for $700 billion—just $10, $25, or whatever you can spare.

We hope to hear some serious talk about the issues on Sunday when Franken, Coleman and Dean Barkley will be debating in Rochester.

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