Franken adds himself to D.C. restaurant's facebook


While Franken has been calling himself Senator-elect for months now, his confidence stretches back to pre-Election Day. And who doesn't love a little Capitol Hill nonsense?

Politico has a little piece about a discovery in a Washington, D.C. restaurant known as a dining spot for some of the well-known politicians in town. And yes, he even added himself to their own copy of the Capitol facebook.

Trattoria Alberto of Capitol Hill, has their own copy of the facebook, which is a yearly booklet featuring all of current members of Congress and their basic information. When members of Congress come in to eat, they traditionally sign the facebook.

Well Franken had no place in the facebook, but made a special spot in there right over Norm Coleman.

More from Politico:

Franken came to the restaurant a few months before the election, we're told, and signed away -- only he signed on top of Coleman's signature.

In the book, he drew a big box with an "X" inside it, signed his name and then, over to the right, put the election percentages, with the header: "CNN DECLARES FRANKEN."

After Franken's name, there's a "53%" and after Coleman's name there's a "47%."

Perhaps the best part of the post is Coleman spokesman Tom Erickson's response: "Proof positive that leopards never change their spots."