Francisco Claros Bonilla charged with stabbing a bartender who cut him off

Francisco Claros Bonilla knows his limits. For example, drinking a lot on a Sunday afternoon is within his limits. So is stabbing someone, according to charges filed against Claros Bonilla by the Ramsey County Attorney's Office.

The charges stem from a confrontation that took place Sunday afternoon, when the bartender at Erick's Bar in St. Paul told Claros Bonilla he was cut off for the day. At that point, it was still only 3:30 p.m., the Pioneer Press reports.

The man bringing an end to Claros Bonilla's drinking wasn't just a bartender: It was bar owner Gary Erickson, who probably gets the final say on who drinks and who gets the hell out.

The next thing Erickson knew, he felt a slight poke in his stomach. That's when he looked down and saw blood spreading on his shirt.

After stabbing Erickson, Claros Bonilla bolted from the bar, only to get chased down by concerned patrons, who tackled him, the Pioneer Press reports. It also looks like one of them got in a pretty good shot on Claros Bonilla: Notice the nasty shiner he's got in his mugshot.

Claros Bonilla told police he "lost control," and that he'd never done anything like that before. He blamed his attack on -- surprise! -- having drunk much too much, a claim that was later backed up chemically, when Claros Bonilla blew a 0.26 blood alcohol level. Claros Bonilla also told cops he'd never go back into Erick's Bar again.

Erickson spent the night at a hospital, according to the Pioneer Press, and an employee of Erick's Bar said he is recovering well from the stab wound.

Claros Bonilla is facing charges of second-degree assault.

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