Fox's Mike Goldberg Calls Critics Assholes, Douches After Panned Vikes Performance

Goldberg was pumped before the game, but things didn't go as smoothly as he probably hoped.

Goldberg was pumped before the game, but things didn't go as smoothly as he probably hoped.

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UFC announcer Mike Goldberg made his NFL TV debut Sunday, announcing the Vikings-Lions debacle game for Fox.

Suffice it to say his performance didn't exactly receive rave reviews.

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Here's a sampling of some of Goldberg's gaffes:
-- The Daily Norseman (@DailyNorseman) October 12, 2014 Tally it all up and some prominent people who were listening closely couldn't hit the mute button fast enough: Afterward, Goldberg took to Twitter himself to share his thoughts about his first NFL broadcast, apparently oblivious to the fact that his performance went over about as well as the Hindenburg: But all the hate soon had Goldberg riled up and calling his critics everything from douches to wastes of time (Goldberg deleted the top four tweets in this screengrab):

In an earlier tweet that was also deleted, Goldberg called another critic an asshole. Suffice it to say it isn't the first time he's used that profanity against one of his haters on Twitter:

Seems like a charming guy, doesn't he? Such thick skin!

Despite it all, as this is published, Fox hasn't indicated any plans to pull the plug on Goldberg's second NFL broadcast. And guess which game he's scheduled to call next Sunday? That's right -- Vikings vs. Bills in Buffalo.

That should be fun, even if the Vikings game itself is another stinker.

:::: UPDATE ::::

Welp, that didn't take long. Fox has quietly decided to pull Goldberg from Sunday's Vikings game, according to a tweet from the Buffalo Bills' PR account. For what it's worth, Goldberg still hasn't apologized for the profane tweets he later deleted.

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